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Anatomy of a Bicycle Explained

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Anatomy of a Bicycle It’s always interesting and helpful to understand how things work, and bicycles are no exception.  While all bicycles basically work the same way their parts can differ slightly, based on the materials used.  Knowing how a bicycle works can help you when it comes time to fix your own. Below is a the listing of some of the key components of the anatomy of a bicycle. also see Parts of a Bicycle, Explained Frame The frame is the main component of a bicycle.  […]

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Choosing a Bicycle Seat Correctly

Choosing a Bicycle Seat

Choosing the right Bicycle Seat While bike riding can a lot of fun, it can quickly become miserable if you are uncomfortable.  The most important part of the bicycle is the seat, and it needs to be comfortable and supportive.  A comfortable seat is important to make your ride enjoyable and satisfying.  If your seat is not comfortable, nothing else matters. Choosing a bicycle seat is a task that we must do if we want to ride any distance and not have a sore bottom. When you […]

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