About Me – Robert Paugh

about me

I’m Robert Paugh, and this section is about me. I’m a whole food, plant strong based vegan in the Orlando, Florida area that is interested in helping others live a healthier lifestyle. It is my belief that wellness starts from within and that lifestyle has more to do with our health, good or bad, than most individuals think, including the medical profession.

I became interested in this lifestyle while an associate professor at The University of Central Florida. I was watching my co-workers (another faculty), staff and students struggling to stay healthy in the environment.

And, I wasn’t healthy myself.

I was overweight – I partook in poor nutritional habits, rarely eating the foods my body needed to stay healthy. I rarely got any exercise. However, in 2010, I decided to make some changes in my life. I realized I was suffering from an array of health problems – problems that could be mitigated by taking better care of myself.

This meant I had to eat better and start getting regular exercise. And, that I did! One of the first things I started doing was running. It was a start to living a healthier lifestyle that ended up becoming a true passion of mine. I even participated in multiple 5K and 10K including 6 marathons. I enjoy the exercise so much that biking also became a passion. Between biking and running most of my leisure time was taken up: to keep myself accountable – to stick with a healthy lifestyle.

I purchased two bikes, one a road and the other a touring bike. I found that owning a bike was much more difficult and time-consuming than the sport of running. One of the first things I experienced in riding was to have a flat tire. And guess what you better know how to fix that tire or be prepared to take a long walk.

Over the years I learn how to completely rebuild a bike, from changing the bottom bracket to changing gears ratios, and changing all of the components on the bike.

I also got health conscience, learning all I could about nutrition and health. This is when I found the vegan lifestyle. I realized it was something I knew could help me to live better, live healthier… and this is what I wanted for myself.

So, in 2010, I studied as much as I could about the plant-strong, vegan lifestyle. In an effort to continue it, I attained my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in July 2016. The certificate addressed many of the questions I had about health and nutrition. I learned that the key to living a healthy life without medication involves eating better and getting exercise regularly.

Since then, I’ve decided to continue my healthy lifestyle and I’m convinced that turning to the plant strong lifestyle and exercise such as running and bike riding has helped me to live healthy and longer.

My Intent In Creating The Bike Care Blog

I want to share everything I’ve learned with those who want to learn about my biking experience and plant-strong lifestyle. It’s why I developed The Bike Care blog. I wanted to provide the information you need to stay healthy. The information is current and accurate, with the intent to provide issue-solving content, so you can make the right choices for you and your health.

TheBikeCare site is here to provide you with jargon-free, easy-to-understand information about maintenance and repairs on a bike.

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